5 Benefits of Invisalign

03 May 2021

5 Benefits of Invisalign

Are you considering teeth straightening in 2021? Invisalign is a revolutionary teeth straightening system which removes the need for unsightly metal braces. This procedure has gained popularity rapidly and is considered one of the safest and fastest way to have straight teeth.
In this month’s blog we look at 5 of the key benefits of choosing Invisalign over traditional teeth straightening methods.


Invisalign uses transparent, acrylic aligners to straighten your teeth, which are virtually invisible. This means that when you are wearing them, they will have little or no effect on your appearance. People are more likely to notice the changes in your smile, than the aligners doing the work.

Easy cleaning

With Invisalign you will be able to brush and floss as you usually would because there will not be any brackets or wires blocking your teeth. This means that you will be able to keep your teeth white and sparkly while you undergo Invisalign treatment.


can make it quite difficult and painful for you to eat. Well, that is not the case with Invisalign. You can simply remove your aligners whenever you want to enjoy eating your favourite foods. After you are done, simply brush your teeth, wash your aligners in warm water, and wear them again.


With traditional teeth straightening treatment, it can take 2-3 years to complete treatment. However, with Invisalign, it takes on average 12 to 18 months to straighten your teeth, with some treatments completed in as little as six months. You will need to attend for a consultation appointment so we can give you an exact schedule for your treatment as each case is unique. Everyone has a hectic routine, Invisalign can help with this as you will only need to attend for appointments every 6 weeks. Reducing the number of appointments, you will require to complete your teeth straightening treatment.

Dentist supervised

Until this point, we have covered the benefits of Invisalign as they relate to traditional teeth straightening options. However, several Invisalign copycat companies have popped up with seemingly faster and more affordable invisible braces over the last few years.

The catch? Many of these newer companies do not include supervision by a dentist as part of the treatment. This means that you are on your own for the entirety of your treatment, and if something goes awry, you can’t simply dial your dentist’s surgery for help. Invisalign is only available through licensed dental and orthodontist surgeries, so you can be assured that you are getting the best treatment possible.

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