Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening in Chelsea

Crooked, overcrowded teeth? Embarrassed when you laugh or smile? Shy away from the camera? Teeth Straightening in Chelsea could provide just the solution you are looking for.

Teeth straightening procedures can help to improve the appearance of your teeth no matter your age. With an increase in the range of options available the team at Teeth Straightening will be able to find a solution to meet your needs. It is important that no matter what teeth straightening procedure you have you wear a retainer following treatment to ensure that your teeth do not move back to their original position.


Teeth straightening improves confidence and self-esteem – teeth straightening can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your smile and therefore your confidence. This in turn can increase your social and career success.

Teeth straightening can lead to healthier teeth and gums – straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, reducing the chance of cavities and gum disease.

Teeth straightening improves your bite – teeth straightening can improve dental function. By aligning the teeth, the forces exerted on them when you chew, talk or simply move your teeth are balanced, resulting in better long term health of your teeth, gums and jawbone, reducing the risk of broken and chipped teeth.

Teeth straightening can improve your overall health – your teeth and gums can provide a clear picture of your overall health. If you look after your teeth and gums you are also likely to look after the rest of your body.