How long does it take to straighten my teeth?

How long does it take to straighten my teeth
03 Aug 2022

How long does it take to straighten my teeth?

Do you want a better smile? It might not take as long as you think.

New patients who are unhappy with their smiles will often ask us how long teeth straightening will take to fix their teeth, and our answer is always: it depends. Teeth straightening treatments can take anywhere from several months to a few years, because every case is different.

Why Teeth Straightening Treatment Duration Differs

When it comes down to it, the treatment duration depends mostly on how difficult the problem will be to fix. Someone with a severe overbite will need a longer, more complex treatment than a person with only minor malocclusion.

Six Month SmilesAn example of this in action is our Six Month Smiles treatment; it is suitable if you already have a good bite, and only need to correct several problems with their teeth. This treatment fixes crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth, focusing mostly on the ones that are visible when you smile.

Because of this, the treatment itself usually only takes six months, a shockingly fast duration compared to traditional orthodontics. You can get these braces and have perfectly straight teeth when you come in for your next regular cleaning.

Other Factors that Affect Treatment Duration

There are other things that affect how long it takes to straighten teeth. The dentist’s skill and experience play a big role, and so does the patient’s willingness to follow instructions. Dental health is important, and adults tend to have longer treatment durations than children or teenagers.

Our goal at Teeth & Smiles is to match you with the treatment that best suits your unique needs, while giving you great results as fast as possible. We put your needs first, and make sure that the final result is something that you will be thrilled with.

teeth straighteningDo you want to find out what teeth straightening treatment would suit you best, and how long it will take to complete? Our practice is always willing to answer your questions. Give us a call today on 020 7352 7049 to schedule your appointment and learn how easy it will be to get the smile of your dreams.