Having initially booked myself in at a cosmetic clinic to have Botox done for the first time, I was feeling a little nervous. It’s such a common and generally safe procedure nowadays, but I was having difficulty deciding on where best and safest to go.
By chance, I visited the dentist the week before I was due to have it done. To my surprise, my dentist told me that the practice; Teeth and Smiles had started offering an injectables service. I was relieved to be able to ask a medically trained professional with years of patient experience some questions about the subject. After our chat I felt so much better and knew instantly that I had to cancel my appointment with the salon and book at Teeth and Smiles instead.
I had Botox for forehead lines and glabella (“number 11s” between the brows) and I am so glad that I did. I am a natural worrier, but Sophie put me at ease from start to finish, explaining everything in detail.
It only took a few minutes, and if you’ve ever plucked your eyebrows, I can assure that having the injections, for me at least, was no worse than that in terms of pain. I had no bruising and everything went smoothly (pun intended!)
Sophie explained to me that we should allow up to two weeks to see the end results, and I booked in for a follow up with her after 14 days. I didn’t need to express how delighted I was with the result; I don’t think my dentist had ever seen me smiling so brightly! The results were amazing.
As a first time patient, Sophie ensured that she had been conservative in her approach and application on me. She was very thorough and particular in the way she listened to me and analysed my specific needs. I have no doubt that she offers such a first class and tailored service to all her patients.
I have since been back for a second course of treatment, having received equally pleasing results. I am delighted to have found my go-to medically qualified practitioner for injectables going forward. I truly wouldn’t go anywhere else.

- S Khelawon, Chelsea

I used to be so nervous about going to the dentist but I have finally found a dentist that puts me at ease. All the staff are very friendly and I would recommend the surgery to anyone.

- D Millard from Chelsea

This practice has served the Chelsea Pensioners for many years, showing them great care and respect. The hospital could not speak more highly of their efficiency.

- Denise Wallace from the Royal Hospital, Chelsea

I have been coming to this practice for over 20 years and always find the service excellent and get prompt treatment.

- Ann Evans from Chelsea

Using the home whitening kit was easy! Having control over the process made it more preferable than sitting in the dentist chair. I could decide when I did it and for how many days. I could repeat the treatment a few months later if I wanted to ‘top-up’ the whitening.

- Jessica Finer from North London N7

The treatment is very good and the dentist is excellent. The practice is very clean.

- Fatima Lopes from Brentford said

I have been coming to this surgery for many years. From entering the premises, I have always felt in safe hands. The treatment is 1st Class and the staff courteous and helpful. I have never had a problem getting an appointment and emergencies have been given priority. I have recommended the surgery to lots of my friends who have also got 1st class treatment. I can’t recommend the practice highly enough.

- Emma Flood from Ealing W5 said

I have been a patient of the Dental Clinic since 2002 and this clinic is the one and only! I’ve always found everyone so friendly, and in particularly, Sophie who is an amazing dentist and has given me a million dollar smile!!!

- Helen O’Neille, Chelsea