Sedation for Nervous Patients

Sedation for Nervous Patients

Anxious or worried about visiting the dentist? Dental sedation allows you to feel confident in attending the surgery

At Teeth and Smiles we believe everyone deserves high quality, caring dental treatment and that fear should not be a barrier to receiving this. Our team will support you to ensure that your visit is as relaxed as possible. We will listen to your concerns and thoroughly explain everything involved throughout your visit.

We have invested in training and equipment to allow even the wariest of patients to receive treatment. So, if you find the idea of dental treatment nerve wracking or unsettling, we are happy to offer you dental sedation to help you to put your fears aside. Our fully trained, experienced team can provide sedation to allow even the most anxious patients to overcome their fears and benefit from improved dental health.


Dental sedation is completely safe – dental sedation can help to calm and relax you so that dental treatment can be completed effectively.

Dental sedation allows you to have a pain free dental experience – with dental sedation you will be able to complete your dental treatment without having to feel any pain.

Dental sedation allows treatment to be completed more quickly – dental procedures can be completed in less time for sedated patients. Patients will not need to attend for numerous appointments to complete treatment as dentists are able to complete more treatment, quicker while a patient is sedated.

Dental sedation provides a great option for patients suffering from movement disorders – patients who suffer from conditions that cause uncontrolled movements or have difficulty sitting still for long periods, can be treated under sedation.