Fast Braces

Do you suffer with crooked teeth? Looking for a solution that gives fast results? Fastbraces technology could allow you to achieve straighter teeth in as little as 120 days.

FASTBRACES® Logo, Braces for adults and braces for kidsFastbraces utilise triangular brackets rather than the traditional square brackets. The wires threaded between the brackets have the elasticity necessary to allow for the wires to continue promoting movement without the need for the wires to changed. As a result patients do not need to attend for appointments as often and the teeth can be moved more quickly.


  • Fastbraces help to preserve your natural bite – there is very rarely a need for teeth to be extracted.
  • Fastbraces provide fast treatment times – treatment can be completed in a little as a few months and often within 120 days.
  • Fastbraces reduce discomfort – Due to the flexibility of the wire, people report that wearing Fastbraces cause only minimal discomfort.
  • Fastbraces are discreet – with triangular rather than square brackets, Fastbraces take up less space on the tooth structure, ensuring that the brackets do not stand out as much as regular braces.